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ABC Plumbing in Oneonta works on address 72 Hudson Street, NY 13820, opening hours can be found on the website . All jobs are presented by the HR Department, to clarify special conditions by phone number +1 607-433-5214. Read reviews on the website related to the main events in Oneonta: Establishment and general contractor.

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72 Hudson Street, Oneonta, NY 13820
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+1 607-433-5214

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  • Lisa Barr
    ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Ed Miller never finished the job at my house. We had a verbal agreement (so be sure to get whatever you do with him in WRITING) that the job needed to be done by a particular date. He had a kid who works for him 'do the job' while I was under time constraints and out of town for the day. When I came home--no water! I called and called Ed. No answer. I had a meeting to cover, and, knowing I had no water at home, had to sleep in a hotel room. In the morning, after cancelling someone who was coming to clean my house so I could put an out of state guest up for the night (a performer, David Rovics), I finally raised Ed. He was laughing, telling me to 'calm down' that he had come by my house earlier that morning and turned on the water. No note on my front door--he had just walked back in through the basement door and turned the water back on (which is how his plumber had gained access). But he had not replaced a pump on my chlorine machine. So, the chlorinator didn't work. (That was part of the agreement). Then I went out of town to cover the beginning of OCCUPY DC. A dear friend from Move To Amend stayed with me a week later, went down the basement, and was furious. He said it was a classic rip off to tell a woman homeowner she needed a new holding tank (which was what I'd been told by other plumbers) when all I needed was to have the tank re-pressurized). Laird Monahan offered to go pay Ed a visit. I said, "No, I'm sure he'll make this right." I waited. In December, I received a hand-written 'bill' demanding payment. It was not a proper invoice (no part numbers, no breakdown of hours or rates). Then Ed began his phone harassment. I received calls daily. I told him I didn't believe the job was finished. He told me it was and I'd better pay him. My sister, sick of hearing the phone ring put one third of the bill on her credit card (or was it cash? I forget).
    Then in January he started in again. I went back down the basement, retrieved the little pump he'd refused to order a part for (or replace or fix) and brought it to a friend's hardware store.
    Around May or so I was starting a new business and getting sick of the dunning phone calls. I sent Ed a certified letter telling him his threat to 'come get my money' seemed like a physical threat and he'd better stop.
    I told him that I had been required to buy 3 nights in a hotel due to his lack of performance and that, therefore, he had more than been paid.
    Around this time, stuff started disappearing from my property. Within a week about 90 dollars of easily carried metal fence posts walked. I wondered about his threats to 'come and get my money' but I doubt he would have done that.
    By May I had a cold that turned into pneumonia, lasting til October. I am unemployed, starting an organic farm, working for minimum wage off my farm. In October, Ed filed a court case against me (or was it September?) but I didn't get the notice in time to change the date. I had to work the night of the small claims court case. I decided to just let the judgment go against me. Today, Ed called me this morning bragging about how he was down at Cooperstown and had just put a lien against my vehicle.
    Here's how this smart aleck, non-performing plumber treats his customers: "Hi Lisa. This is Ed Miller. I have not received a payment from you from the judgment from small claims court. I am right now in Cooperstown at the County Clerk's office and am going through a lot of forms and we put a judgment against your vehicle. Okay, if you wanna pay me, let me know. Bye."
    I would advise women homeowners to be very very careful who they hire for work in the Oneonta area.
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Jobs in ABC Plumbing - reviews

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  • Address: 72 Hudson Street, NY 13820
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  • Phone number +1 607-433-5214
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